In the Hotseat - Heinrich Brussow, from PE
August 17, 2011
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Your Question: Morning Heinrich, welcome back. The Aussies and Kiwi's use the first player at the breakdown to clear out and then the second player to effect the turnover. This is a good tactic, as if the first player goes for the ball he often gets knocked off his feet by the follow up players. What is our tactic and how would we counter this tactic of the Aussies and particularly the Kiwi's? - Norman Sander

Answer: Hi Norman. Actually, once the first guy gets to the ruck, the second guy is not allowed to play the ball. We need to ensure that the first two players who get there knock the opposition back and thereby contest for the ball.

Your Question: Hi Heinrich. Since you've been out of competitive rugby for so long, do you think that you will be able to keep up with the pace of the game in this weekends game against a team that's essentially the Super Rugby champions? - Jacobus Arendse

Answer: Hindsight is an exact science Jacobus and I'd have to say I felt good. I've been out for a good while, but it was nice to start a Test again and my match fitness can only improve from here on in.

Your Question: Hi, there has been a lot of talk about SA's game plan and how the ref will play an important part (especially at the break down). How did you think this went against Australia and were you still able to as effective as you were in 2009 without getting penalised? Good luck against the All Blacks! - Chris

Answer: Hi Chris - I thought we did some things very well and other things we can improve on. We were not happy with the result, but it's not all doom and gloom.

Your Question: Hi Heinrich. I hope you are ready and rarin to go,because I know what you can offer when at full fitness. Can someone please remind John Robbie that this is not exactly the same squad as 2007. - Gregory Hoedemaker

Answer: Thanks Gregory. I'm ready to go!

Your Question: Hi Heinrich, not a question - just a remark,just glad your in the team, you bring a dimension, mentality and most importantly cleverness to the openside flanker position that alot of openside flankers in S.A (including a blonde opensider from the cape) lacks. Your an absolute must. Good luck, keep studying the rules. - Robert Botes

Answer: Robert, thanks for the very kind words. Don't forget, that "blonde opensider" you're talking about has achieved a helluva lot in rugby and will add value, doesn't matter where he starts. He's a great team mate and someone I've learned a lot from. With Juan Smith out, we’ll rely even more on the experienced core of players.

Your Question: Hi, Will you be able to stop Richie McCaw & Rocky Elsom like you did in 2008, has the rules changed much that you as our only fetcher will not be able to stop those two dirty players? - Etienne Rososuw

Answer: I certainly will try, Etienne. They are good players, but we have some great players with the Boks as well and when push comes to shove, we'll be ready for any opponent.

Your Question: Hi Heinrich Nice to see u back, are u sure you are back for the big occasion, U must be honest to the selectors so they can pick a fit player. - Neville

Answer: Always Neville. But I'm being honest if I'm saying I'm over my injuries and ready for action (just need to sharpen up on my match fitness).

Your Question: What special training do you do cuz it seems like you the only player in the world that has a technique of steeling the ball, would you share this with the public or is it top secret. Welcome back to the Boks. - bob hartlief

Answer: Thanks Bob. I do a lot of work on my upperbody and speedwork, but also general fitness and all the other regular stuff rugby players do. Nothing special really!


Answer: Ek is 100% Simon, baie dankie. Ons het so baie goeie flanke in SA, ek gee regtig nie om saam met wie ek speel nie. Oor die refs - geen kommentaar. Hehe.

(Simon asked Heinrich if he is 100% over his injuries and who he'd like to play with at flank. His answers were that he is 100% over it and that he doesn't mind who he's playing with, as we're blessed with so many great loosies in SA.)

Your Question: Hi Heinrich. I am so glad you are back in the side. (goed om nog 'n Vrystater in die span te hê). How are the doctors managing your body to prevent further injuries? - James

Answer: Hi James - our medical team have been working very hard on all of our conditioning and we obviously take all the possible precautions with strapping and timing my workload to ensure I stay fit for the duration of the World Cup.