In the Hotseat - General questions
July 18, 2012
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Your Question: Y do S15 coaches not rotate & look at the bigger picture ie Boks. No one is eva rested ie Burden is a top player yet he sits on the bench the whole season whilst bizmark burns out. Ditto for Hougie &Jano. Ridiculous ! Surely a 150% Jano (fresh, hungry,bored of training,uninjured is better than an 80% Hougie -just 4 1 game ??? - Paul

SARU answers: Hi Paul - we don't have any say when it comes to team selection at franchise or provincial level, but we have faith in the coaches and trust they will utilise the players at their disposal in the best possible manner not to the detriment of the player or SA Rugby.

Your Question: If SA rugby is serious about developing the game of rugby then make it available to all on TV. Currently it is available to the upper class as the majority cannot afford to pay R600.00 pm to enjoy the facility. Soccre is available on DSTV as well as SABC? - Peet Smith

SARU answers: We have a very big broadcast deal with Supersport, who pays millions of rands for the right to broadcast a lot of rugby in South Africa, but we realise the need for exposure on free to air television, which is why the second and third Tests against England were broadcast delayed on E-Tv.

Your Question: Why do the powers that be at SARU continue to bow to the demands of the alliance. You have given the aussies a domestic season at the expense of the currie cup. What are you going to do after 2015? You have the power here, why don't you use it? - Mark Kourie

SARU answers: Hi Mark - we're not bowing to any demands. As Jurie said last week, there is equal representation of all the partners on the SANZAR Exco. Whatever happens after 2015, and there are definitely plans afoot, we'll ensure it is the best for South African rugby.