In the Hotseat - Dawie Theron from Stellenbosch
March 14, 2012
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Your Question: Will you be picking players who are involved with Super Rugby for this years U20 World Champs? Can't help but think how much better a side looks that includes Steven Kitshoff, Pieter Steph du Toit, Johan Goosen & Paul Jordaan!

Dawie answers: Hi Hendrik. It is the intention of the national selectors together with myself and my assistant coaches to select the very best Under-20 players who will be able to represent their country at the IRB Junior World Championship this year. You are right to highlight that any team with players who have Vodacom Super Rugby experience does look better than one that doesn’t have that kind of rugby playing experience. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed that the players you mentioned and hopefully a few others get a taste of Vodacom Super Rugby action of even Springbok Sevens action. If they are fit and injury free, they will certainly come into contention when our squad gets announced on April 25th.

Your Question: How are you going to get the Baby Boks to beat the Baby All Blacks? We used to win the junior tournaments reasonably consistently but haven't been that great for the past decade. Why do you think that is?

Dawie answers: Wes, we are not scheduled to play the Baby All Blacks during our Pool matches as we’ve got Ireland, Italy and England. That’s where our focus will be when the tournament kicks off on the 4 June 2012. However with that being said, if we want to win the IRB Junior World Championship in our own backyard, we would probably have to defeat the most successful Under-20 rugby nation of the last four World Championships. So I guess without giving anything away, we in the process of finalizing a game plan that will be successful for our team later this year. That game plan should then be a blue print for our success against all teams at the JWC. Why have we not done well over the last few years? There are plenty of contributing factors which are well documented following our previous four campaigns at the JWC. For now, I reckon one of the main reasons is that our players are not exposed to that much international rugby such as our competitors from the north in preparation of this tournament.

Your Question: Hi Dawie, as u20 coach you have obviously seen most of the country's youthful talent. My question is how good is our country's youth looking in taking a more skillful and running approach towards the game for the future?

Dawie answers: Dear Mischa, we as a rugby playing nation are blessed with talented rugby players. How good is our country’s youth looking taking into consideration your question, I must admit that we are in a very fortunate position to have so many youngsters breaking through to professional rugby this soon in their career. I always try to stay clear of singling out individuals, but you will notice that there is an increasing number of players who have represented the Under-20s at a JWC and later have either gone on to play Currie Cup for their province, or have graduated so quickly due to their talent, that they have played Vodacom Super Rugby for some of our local franchises.

Your Question: What did you tell them how to take a gap. - Ben Powell

Dawie answers: Dear Ben, I do not understand your question of how do I tell them to take a gap. But in any event, with regards to players taking a gap on the field, my message to them is, if it’s safe and it’s on, then go for the gap!!!

Your Question: I want to know what sarfu is going to do about Mark Lawrence and his bad refereing against the lions on saturday. this is not the first time that mark lawrence is blatantly blowing against the lions and everybody can see that he is taking sides against the lions. - Elsa Otto

Your Question: Is there any "punishment" for blatant bad referees? This Bryce lawrence character was again blatantly "blind" on Saturday. Do players have a forum where refs can be brought to book? An increasingly popular answer by refs now when a blatant bad call has been made is "I didn't see it", again bryce lawrence cheetahs game, Mark Lawrence sharks game, and some others. - Pete Karlsen

Dawie answers: Dear Elsa and Pete, I am not the SARU spokesperson on refereeing maters, and unfortunately cannot comment on your question.