In the Hotseat - Gurthro Steenkamp from Wellington
October 06, 2011
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Your Question: Hallo Gurthro, I want to know if you always played loosehead prop, can you play tighthead, and who have been your toughest opponent? - Dirk Geldenhuys

Answer: Hi Dirk, I was a lock much earlier in my career, but I've been at prop pretty much since I started taking rugby seriously. To single out one opponent would be difficult, but Italy's Castrogiovanni made things very tough for me that night against Leicester at the end of 2009. It was almost a turning point in my career. I also have huge respect for Owen Franks of NZ.

Your Question: Hi Gurthro. Very excited to watch the rest of the World Cup unfold, and I'm sure the Boks will make us proud. Since it's a question... Uhm, do you play Madden? - Hendrik

Answer: Hendrik, I'll play anything! I just love gaming!!!

Your Question: Who's the hardest All Black you have played against. Good luck this week v Australia. - David Lawrence

Answer: David, it's difficult to say, as all their props are pretty good at scrum time, but guys like Kees Meeuws and Carl Hayman were tough customers in my younger days.

Your Question: Hey Guthro, You always look so cool headed and calm when you play and almost never get into a schuffle with other players, have you ever received a red card for a punch or something? Oh, and if you had a choice to choose to go out with either James Dalton or James Small, who do you think you could keep out of trouble lol. - Frikkie

Answer: Nope Frikkie, I don't get involved in those things. I would invite both of them over to my place for a braai and some Playstation! ;-)

Your Question: Hello Gurthrö, if you had to pick one rugby player of the Australian squad to drink and laugh after a match, who would it be? and why? Good luck for the rest of the tournament! - Louis (Paris - France)

Answer: Hi Louis - the Aussies are a bunch of nice guys but if I had to pick one, it would be Quade Cooper - I'd like to see how he manages to tweet so much! Hehe.

Your Question: The game with Australia...please make sure the first 10min they are put under pressure...that 15 first minutes are very very important. The other important thing is to get the line....make sure the line is 100% correct....please!!!! - Sumaya Botha

Answer: That's the plan Sumaya!

Your Question: Who is the biggest eater in the squad, and whats the biggest steak uve eaten? - xerxes

Answer: Xerxes, I like my good, but so do Bissie, Jannie, John, Bakkies, Danna, Pierre and so on - all the big guys really! Ribeye is my favourite cut and I can easily put away a 500g piece with all the off season!

Your Question: Hi Guthro, who would you rate as the best prop that you have ever scrummed against? And do you have a special exercise program (as prop) that differs from the other players? And good luck with the rest of the tournament, the Webb Ellis cup needs to come back to SA. - James

Answer: Check my answers higher up James. Regarding my exercise programme, I just do what the conditioning coaches tell me to do - we do focus a bit more on leg work and upper body strength perhaps.

Your Question: Hi Guthro - Just wanted to say that you are playing fantastic rugby at the moment - keep it up. Will you still be available for the Boks next year? - Greg

Answer: Thanks for the compliment Greg. Yes, I'm still available if the coach wants me.

Your Question: Guthro, I would like to know how the vibe of World Cup 2011 compares to that of 2007? - Mischa

Answer: It's great over here in NZ Mischa. Because the country is so much smaller than France, you get more of the vibe and this is really a rugby passionate place, so everything is great and I'm really enjoying my time here!

Your Question: Hello Gurthrö, Boks are making us proud again - thank you. Your comment: Both against Wales and Samoa, the Boks seemed to have had a look at the scoreboard late in the 2nd and half and realized, "aw shuks we've got some work to do!". After Samoa Victor also said "...we went to sleep a bit...". - Heiko Voigts

Answer: I agree 100% with what was said Heiko, we did fall asleep, but it's something we've addressed and we know we're going to need a full 80 minute performance against the Wallabies on Sunday.

Your Question: Hi Guthro Kan jy vir Morne vra om bal in hand te hou en ophou besit af te gee deur doellose skoppe as hy moet skop skop uit, sterkte aan die manne. - Neville

Answer: Ek sal die boodskap oordra Neville, maar die losskakels luister mos nie altyd na die stutte nie! Hehehe.

(Neville asks Gurthro to pass on the message to Morne that he should keep ball in hand and not kick too much, to which Gurthro replied that he will do that, but that he can't promise anything as the flyhalves tend not to listen to the props...hehehe!)

Your Question: Hey Gurthro! Its been an absolute pleasure watching you play I hope your FORM can continue!!! - Craig Oostingh

Answer: Thanks Craig.

Your Question: Hi Guthro Will the bokke thank God and acknowledge God when they lift the web Ellis cup on Eden park on 23rd October? Even if the bokke are trailing at half time or losing at any point in the play offs, trust GOD! Remember the bible verse "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Have faith. We bokke and the whole of SA believe you and have faith! GO BOKKE! - Enoch

Answer: Hi Enoch - it's a personal thing to each player in the squad, but we do give thanks after games. Thanks for the encouraging words.

Your Question: Howzit Guthro. Quick question, Bismarck or John? Who do you enjoy scrumming with more? - Jono

Answer: Jono, they are both great players and while I've learned a lot from playing with John, Bismarck brings something else to the table!

Your Question: Hey big Guth, all respect to what uve done for SA rugga. Only thing i dont like bout u is that my girlfriend is obssessed with u she thinks that your 'beard' is sexy, so i wont be introducing the 2 of u ! Anyway hope u get a starting birth in Quarters. Y u leaving SA considering u the best L/Head in the land maybe the world ? - Paul

Answer: Sorry about that Paul, but maybe you should get one of those too! Hehehe. I've decided to go to Toulouse to experience a bit of rugby on the other side of the world and hopefully improve even more. I'm only 30 now, so who knows, I might be back in SA at some stage?!

Your Question: Hi Guthro I love your passion for South Africa. Please can you do the following when you guys meet the All Blacks hopefully we beat Auss. Please walk towards them when they do the Haka. I know we cant go past the line, but then start a few meters back and walk towards them. Nothing is better when we challenge them. - Hilton

Answer: Hilton, I understand that a number of years ago it was agreed that teams would keep their distance when the haka is performed. I don't like to get involved in those kinds of things in any case.

Your Question: Guthie, we just want to wish you everything of the best for the second round, it’s so great to see you back in action. How is your arm holding up? We love watching those determined lip manoeuvres in the scrums. How do you psyche yourself for the “engage call” and how do you stay so focussed and disciplined under constant pressure? Celesté and Lucille, Groenkloof

Answer: Thanks guys! My arm is just fine and I'm ready for action! With regards to the scrums, I just try and keep focused on my job at hand and that is to dominate the opposing tight head.