In the Hotseat - Jean de Villiers from Taupo
September 22, 2011
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Your Question: Hi Jean, I have always been a huge fan of you, the Stormers and the Springboks. I would even watch the Munster games just to see you play! Frans though is playing some awesome footy at the moment! You better get well soon otherwise it will be hard get a starting berth!! - Marius Pedro

Answer: He did play well against Fiji, didn't he Marius. Competition for places in a team is always a good thing in my mind as it brings out the best in the players. We know where we stand with coach Peter and for us it's not about individual glory, but rather team performance.

Your Question: What do you predict the final score and with who will our Springboks play in the final. - Errol Parsons

Answer: I like your optimism Errol, but I'm not a betting long as we bring back the World Cup!

Your Question: Why does the springboks take so long to feed the back line and please announce who take the captaincy over if John leave the Field honkoe dorrie. - Oom Jan

Answer: Oom Jan, we're playing towards a structured plan, but being someone who likes to run with the ball, I won't mind to operate in broken play a bit more. That only comes after hard work though. When John leaves, the captaincy is usually taken over by Victor, while Schalla, Fourie and myself can also take charge if need be. For instance, against Wales it was Fourie and Schalk who shared the responsibility.

Your Question: Hey how was it for you growing up as a youngster and player rugby? - Baase Masango

Answer: I had the privilege of having a great childhood Baase and I started playing rugby when I was still very young. It's always been my sport of choice!

Your Question: Jean, are you and Jacques Fourie going to retire after the RWC, and who do you reckon should be the next generation centres for South Africa? - Dirk Geldenhuys

Answer: No Dirk, we're not retiring and will hopefully play a few more Tests together for the Boks. Of the young guys coming through, I think we're blessed with talented players like Jean de Jongh, Johann Sadie, Frans Venter and Robert Ebersohn.

Your Question: Hi Jean Your a exceptionally talented center and have been great for the stormers and springboks. How serious is your injury and what are you and other boks such as matfield and habana doing in rehabilitation? And give the wallabies and especially the all blacks a thumping at the world cup. Crush them by at least a 20 point margin and win the world cup. GO BOKKE! - Enoch

Answer: Luckily not too serious Enoch - if everything goes according to plan, I'll be back in the next game. As I have a rib injury there is not much we can do in terms of rehab - I just have to avoid contact until I'm healed and would typically not do a lot of upper body work in this time. We'll try our best to beat everyone!

Your Question: Bayete Jean,Team of Milions,Coaches & Support Staff!Keep up the good work guys & most importantly - enjoy the ride of your lives! I have asked Bryan last week but understandably he did not rank the fastest 5 players in the WC group at present. Could you give us the names,not in order of speed but alphabetically? - Pieter Oosthuizen

Answer: Pieter, that's an answer I don't have. But of the RWC squad our wings (Bryan, Gio and Odwa), Hougie, Mossie, Frans and Pierre are all very quick. And I'm no slouch myself! ;-) But we'll all struggle against Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake!

Your Question: Jean please tell us what you spell out after you score a try. - Greg

Answer: It's a personal thing that I did a few times Greg, but I spelt "Pops", which is what I call my wife.

Your Question: Hi, a lot of people say that players who go to Europe to play rugby become lesser players when they return to something like the super 15. Having played overseas and been back for a few years now what do you think, how has effected you? Good luck with the injury and great to see the team improving!!! - Chris

Answer: Chris, it's given me insight into the way they play the game in the northern hemisphere, where conditions are different and you have to work so much harder to score tries, for instance. I had a great time at Munster but SA is home!

Your Question: Hi Jean,when playing rugby at school in Bethlehem, we had a Pt teacher who held the opinion that a rugby player that gets injured is simply not fit enough. To what extent will you agree with this? Kind regards. - Jack Oberholzer

Answer: It's a view I've also heard Jack, but it's not absolute - for instance, the fittest Iron Man athlete in the world would also have injured his ribs had he gotten the bump I got against Wales.


Answer: Michael, we usually warm down as a team after the game, but where we are sitting on the bench, we do do a few stretches and things like that.

Your Question: Hi Jean, You are by far the best centre in the world but also the most unfortunate one. I suppose you don’t need reminding, 2002 first senior level appearance against France, major knee injury. 2007 World cup opening game tore your bicep. 2011 injured in the opening game, how serious is your injury? You will be needed for the more important games to come. All the best and a speedy recovery. - Alan Smith

Answer: Hi Alan, I've had my fair share of bad luck! This one is not too serious and I'll hopefully be back in action in the next game or two.

Your Question: Hi Jean, vreeslik jammer oor jou besering maar ek vertrou jy's binnekort weer op jou pos. My vraag is: Wat dink jy persoonlik het die verskil gemaak tussen die 2 wedstryde wat tot nou gespeelis? Een was niks watwonders nie maar die volgende een , weer uit die boonste rakke. Hoekom? - George Ward

Answer: George, ek dink ek moet krediet gee aan Wallis, want hulle was baie goed in ons eerste wedstryd. Fiji het hard probeer en ons was weer baie goed in die tweede wedstryd.

George asked what was the difference between the Wales and Fiji games and Jean said the Welsh played very well in the opening game, while Fiji tried hard against a Bok side that improved a lot in the second game.

Your Question: Hi Jean hope you recover soon !!!! i have got one for you could you please bring back a springbok jearsy singend by all the players for me that would be super and bring it to gansbaai pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees o yes and the world cup many thanks. - Bennie otto

Answer: Hi Bennie - hehe, I'll chat to our PR people and see what I can do, but I can't promise anything! Wie maak vir Gansbaai lekker!!!

Your Question: After lasts weeks close victory,is the team not concerned that there may be too many old players? - Keith

Answer: Keith, define old please? But seriously, no, we have a great mix of experienced players and young ones, the right mix we believe.

Your Question: Is the kicking game of the Boks, (some say it more than other teams) direcly related to avoiding 50/50 calls by the ref at the breakdown. - Peter Armstrong

Answer: Not really Peter. We kick to achieve field position from where we play. It's essentially to minimise risk.

Your Question: Hi Jean, In the Squad who is naturally the strongest man, toughest man and finally the best in a fight ? - Paul

Answer: Pierre, Bakkies, John, Schalla, Willem Alberts, Danie Rossouw, Francois name a few...are all strong and tough. Jean de Villiers would be the best in a fight! ;-)