In the Hotseat - Bryan Habana from Wellington
September 15, 2011
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Your Question: Hi Bryan, I personally am a great fan. You haven't been the same in terms of tries but I can not fault you for effort and commitment. Have you considered a move to right wing? I think this a swap will prove refreshing for both you and JP. Secondly, would you please nod 3 times when you score the winning try in the RWC Final? - Andrew Aldridge

Answer: Thanks for the support Andrew. Firstly, I haven't really thought of a swap, but it will take some convincing to do as JP likes that side of the field! Secondly – let’s beat Fiji first!

Your Question: Why does Frans Steyn not kick the Touch kicks? - Riaan Engelbrecht

Answer: Morne is a very accurate and long kicker and as they are both right footed, he's the one to take these kicks.

Your Question: Hi Bryan It must be a wonderful experience jogging on for the Springboks in yet another world cup. My question to you: How is the fact that you are one try away from becoming SA's leading try scorer affecting your game and do you feel that if you can score that try then your form will return? - James

Answer: It's a huge privilege to be here James. About that record - I'm not focused on it and would like to contribute to the team winning games, if it comes via a try, so be it.

Your Question: Has your move to Western Province Stormers side from the Bulls helped you develop your try scoring skills? Do you think De Villiers will give you more opportunity than normal at the World Cup to break the Springbok try scoring record? And how many do you still have to score to do this feat? - Brian Super

Answer: Hi Brian. I won't say try scoring is necessarily a skill, but the move has helped me in terms of "broadening my horizons" both on the field and off it (Cape Town is a lovely place to live in). When it comes to team selection, we abide by what the coach decides. I'm missing this weekend's game because of injury, but will hopefully be back soon! About the record - see my answer above. The statisticians tell me I need one try to break the record.

Your Question: My question is to Bryan and it is do the guys in the team believe they can win this world cup and how positive is your personal mind set. - Christopher Rinquest

Answer: Yes we do. We're all very positive about our chances as we know what it takes to win a RWC and we know we have what it takes.

Your Question: Hello Bryan! I'm a young rugby player and i have a few questions how do you know you have what it takes and do you have any speed tips. How was your first RWC match and try and First test match and try. Your a Bok legend you can get 50 tries. hero! Thanks, all the best. go Bokke!! Baase

Answer: Thanks for the support Baase! When it comes to speed, I'd say a professional athletics coach is perhaps a good plan! Every match for the Boks is special, ditto every try - first, 10th or last!

Your Question: What makes deVilliers special as a coach - or do we just have good Players? I know this sounds a bit of a loaded question, but there must be something special - after all, you guys hug him on your way out to play. - Andy Mitchell

Answer: Hi Andy - Coach Peter is a brilliant "man manager", he understands us as players and is interested in what makes us tick: we’re not just a number on a jersey. He is also very empowering as a coach and listens to the players, but he is the one who ultimately always calls the shots.

Your Question: Hi Bryan, who is your best mate in the springbok squad ? And how many players of colour in your opinion should parliament stipulate be in the starting 15 ? - Paul

Answer: Paul, I'm one of those guys that is friends with everyone (having played at the Lions, Bulls and WP)! Politics in sport? Not for me thanks!

Your Question: Hi Bryan I'm a huge fan! You are one of the best wings ever to wear the green and gold. I'm curious though, do you have any stats on your pace since 2007? Would you say it has increased or decreased, and would it be due to added bulk, or just age, in your opinion? Thanks, Wes.

Answer: Thanks Wes, but it’s not something we’ve done at all for a couple of years.

Your Question: Good day Sir, What is the next chapter after the world cup, seeing that most of the stalwarts are moving out. I don't see or hear of programmes for our future boks , GO BOKKE! - Neville

Answer: Neville, we have loads of brilliant young players coming through, so don't worry about that. I know Victor is retiring, John is moving to the UK, Bakkies to France and Fourie and Danie to Japan. I'm staying at WP and would like to keep on playing for the Boks if I get chosen!

Your Question: Hi Bryan I want to start by saying good luck and it’s good to see you in form at your last game. My question is, who, in the current Currie Cup competition or Springbok teams is as fast or faster than yourself e.g. Mvovo or Ndugane or anyone else? - Craig Oostingh

Answer: Thanks Craig. There are quite a few fast guys in SA rugby, and you can add in Bjorn Basson, Gerhard van der Heever and Gio Aplon in there and there would be a fair old race.

Your Question: Hi Bryan, just want to say I am a big supporter. Do you wish the our game plan was more expansive giving you more space and oppurtunity to do what you do best, scoring tries? I know I do! – Jason

Answer: Jason, the game plan is firstly about winning and I will contribute however I can! Thanks for the suppport!

Your Question: When are you going to stop trying to intercept passes,the opposition's reading you,rather hold your defensive line! - theo pieterse Hi Theo, we have a defensive pattern which puts our players in a position to intercept but it is more about forcing the opposition back inside. That’s how I’m asked to defend but if chances present themselves they shouldn’t be ignored. If I make a bad decision I’ll hold my hand up.

Your Question: Hi, Bryan You do not have to prove anything to anybody, just play the game and look at the score board. Good Luck! Schenck

Answer: Shot Schenk, appreciate the support!

Your Question: Hi Bryan! Who do you think will stop us on our way to retain our Webb Ellis trophy? Make us proud gents, we know your strength of uniting SA. Also show all ur critics that: to guess is cheap but to guess wrong is very expensive. Good luck Boys. My blood is green. Viva Bokke viva. – Ncedo

Answer: Hi Ncedo - this is not something we're focussing on. Having said that, there are a number of very good sides in NZ and it will be very tough in the coming weeks! We just have to keep on winning!