In the Hotseat - Oregan Hoskins from Auckland
September 08, 2011
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Your Question: Hi. Thanks for the role you have played for SA Rugby. 1) Why don't we use the Currie Cup to determine Super Rugby Franchises for following year? 2) Would it not benefit SA Rugby to play one / two internationals during Super Rugby Season? 3) Number of SA Players abroad - is this a concern for SA Rugby? - Wayne Golding

Answer: Hi Wayne, some interesting questions and there are no short answers to a couple of them but I’ll do my best: 1) It has been tried (in 1997) but has issues – for example several of our major teams would be tasked with qualifying for Super Rugby without their Super Rugby players because they’re on Springbok duty – this year being a case in point. There is also the question of the financial implications for a high-profile franchise (with large overheads and wage bill) should it not qualify through the Absa Currie Cup and then lose out on Super Rugby revenues the following season. And, in addition, most of our Vodacom Super Rugby teams are franchises; a good case in point being the Cheetahs, consisting of Free State and Griquas. Do they both play Super Rugby if they finish in the top five of the Currie Cup? 2) The season structure is changing next year, with a break for Tests towards the end of Vodacom Super Rugby when we will play three Tests against England. 3) It will always be a concern but is controlled by market forces. Having said that, a high number of players have remained in South Africa in recent years although a number of senior men are about to depart.


Answer: HI Michael, I actually find your question offensive to the players – these are all developed players and the only thing asked of the selectors is to pick the best team.

Your Question: Hi What is the future of springbok rugby? As a lot of the current team are heading overseas will the team consist of the B team sent to this years trinations? If yes isnt it a concern that the boks will be not be as dominant for the future years? - Enoch

Answer: Hi Enoch, it’s a natural part of the life cycle of teams that players retire or move on. At the moment, our only focus is on winning the Rugby World Cup but the only player who will not be available to the Springboks next year because of retirement that I am aware of in Victor Matfield. It’ll be up to the selectors whom they pick however.

Your Question: Best of luck with the WC bring it huis toe. Question, shouldnt we select player that are currently on form & played well in the super rugby instead experience only. - bob hartlief

Answer: Hi Bob, it’s not the President’s job to select the squad but all I can say is that I am very happy with the squad that is New Zealand. I really do believe it is the best available to do the job that’s required.

Your Question: Hi Regan, thanks for the quality of leadership that you have displayed so far at SARU, the boat have really been steadied by your hand. My question to you relates to the recent debacle in WP Rugby where the Senior WP team does not reflect the demographics of the ovewhelming majority of the clubs within the union. what is SARU's take on this? - Jerome

Answer: Thanks for the kind words Jerome. When it comes to representation at provincial level, it's something we are very serious about and we do communicate with each other on this issue. But the clubs run the provinces and are therefore more responsible for the affairs of their union than is anyone else I would suggest.

Your Question: Has SARU started the process of looking for a new Springbok coach yet? Will SARU consider a foreign coach for the job? - Greg

Answer: We’re focused on supporting the coach winning the Rugby World Cup at the moment and not in a public debate on what happens after October 23.

Your Question: The team perfomed inconsistently since the depart of Mr White. Would SARU consider reappointing him if he does apply after this World Cup? De Villiers seems to use all Rudolph Straeuli's strategies despite their failures. Good luck to John, De Villiers and the team. - Thokozai Zungu

Answer: Hi Thokozai, see my answer to Greg above but, for your information, Jake is currently employed by the Brumbies in Australia.

Your Question: Hi, I am 100% behind you to get more players of colour into our national Bok squads. My question however is; Why don't I hear as much agitation for this to happen in our national 7's team ? Or are you satisfied with their mix? - George Ward

Answer: The same applies to the both teams – we only ask the coaches to pick the best teams from the players that are available to them.

Your Question: I am concerened that some unions just do not do enough for transformation. Even the Kings does not look that well represented. - Vickey Pretorius

Answer: Transformation isn’t just about numbers, it is about transformation in attitudes and that is something that has to come from the heart.

Your Question: Mr Hoskins, when does Peter De Villiers' contract finish? I think I am not the only one who would like to know this. Please don't give me a brush off. I need to know the date. Thank you. - THELMA

Answer: His contract runs until the end of this season Thelma.

Your Question: Mr Hoskins you guys have double standards, what's the point of having 6 premier teams,saru talks about the eastern cape and yet now that the EP KINGS on the rise you shift the goal posts.Unless we are not being told the full story you appear to say one thing but do another, in english they call it hypocrisy.Please enlighten me? - Gavin Muniz

Answer: Hi Gavin. I’m not really certain what your question is. But the decision to move to a six team Absa Currie Cup Premier Division was taken by the provinces – who are SARU – and for the very good reason that the structure of the season allows for little else. And, for the decision to be taken, at least eight of our 14 provinces had to approve.