In the Hot Seat - Paul Treu from Stellenbosch
October 24, 2012
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Your Question: Hi Paul. Don't you think our sevens players tend to be on the small side..? Not weight wise, but height..? How are the players chosen..? The Paul Delports never cracked it in the 15 man game, but now they are springbok sevens players.? Shouldn't we try to invest in players like the Johann Sadie's..players that are well know on the 15man circuit? – Johann

Paul answers: Hi Johann, I have full confidence in the ability and commitment of the squad. Like anyone else, you are entitled to you opinion and as a coach I need to respect that. I must add that Sevens is nowadays a specialist code, we now have the World Series consisting of nine tournament, a Rugby World Cup and the Olympics every four years. The code is becoming more and more professional and players will basically have to make a career choice between the two. The reality is our big players to which you refers to, prefer to play 15-man rugby because there are greater rewards for them. For the rest – and if they are good enough – it opens the door to a new possibility, to play Sevens rugby on an international level.

Your Question: ek was baie teleurgestel op die bokke want dit het gelyk of hul die toernooi kan wen totdat Branco die skepskop heskop het. Hoekom dink jy het die speler daardie besluit geneem as hy weet Fidji is net 6spelers op die veld en ek hoop jy het hom 'n goeie roskam gegee daaroor. – Pierre du Toit

Paul answers: Hi Pierre. Die speler besef self dit was die verkeerde besluit en ons het daroor gepraat, maar dis nou gedane sake en ons moet aanbeweeg na die volgende toernooi. Die seisoen is lank en ons sal moet leer om nie weer dieselfde foute te herhaal nie.

Your Question: Good Day Coach We met in 2010 at Jake Whites winning way course, i dont have a question as such, but would like to congratulate you on the work you have done with the team. i think you do a great job and that can be seen with the how the team work together. good luck for the rest of the series. – Iain Coetzee

Paul answers: Thank you Iain. We are close-knit family and everyone work extremely hard to make every tournament a success. We medical team, for instance, worked overtime during the off-season to ensure that our injured players return to fitness in time for the Gold Coast. The players do their part by training very hard and doing their best to implement the plans we want them to execute. Thanks for the good wishes.

Your Question: Just a comment if i may. Paul welldone on your performance as 7`s coach. The players have trust in you and respected you highly & so did we as supporters. Good luck ahead with the rest of the year and thanks for bringing the exitement back in your attack, looking forward to see the chaps in PE. – Martin

Paul answers: Many thanks for your kind words of encouragement Martin, it does mean a lot to me, the team and management. We received a lot of positive feedback on our attacking play and the key would now be to take our chances because our players really executed the plan very well. We shall give our best shot again in Port Elizabeth.

Your Question: The AB's seem unbeatable, again. Do they have a weakness and if so whats the BlitzBok game plan for this season? – Mike Evans

Paul answers: Hi Mike, any teams has strong and weak points, but having said that, the All Black Sevens team have always been a strong, powerful unit and this season will be no different. We aim to be much more attacking this season, and you saw evidence of that already during the Gold Coast Sevens.

Your Question: Why the lost against Fiji in the semi? – Asaeli

Paul answers: We lost because of three basic errors, and because we did not manage to capitalise on the chances we created. Sevens is a game of small margins, and we lost those marginal decisions. We made the wrong option when we were on attack, we knocked the ball forward when we had the momentum and one of the players lost the ball in contact when it seemed certain that we were going to score. Fiji played some uinbelievable rugby and deserved to win the title but we paid a heavy price for our mistakes.

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