In the Hotseat - Jurie Roux, back in SA
October 27, 2011
SARU CEO Jurie Roux, back in SA from IRB business in New Zealand, took time out to answer your questions sent through Bokzine in our last such feature for 2011.

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Your Question: In light of equaling our worst World Cup performance of bowing out in the quarter-finals and ending last in the Tri-Nations three years out of four, while also losing to two English club sides, and of course Scotland, who were ranked nearly 10 places below us, do you not think it's time SARU took responsibility by appointing a qualified coach? – Wes

Answer: Dear Wes, as I’m sure you’re aware Peter’s contract expires at the end of this year and we will be reviewing the coaching options for 2012.

Your Question: Hi As the boks RWC campaign has ended and a lot of the old players are leaving, and new players coming in, it means that we have a fresh new team. So does this allow you coaches, staff etc to set in place new styles of play such as running rugby? – Enoch

Answer: Dear Enoch, I think it would be a disaster if CEOs started pontificating about playing styles – how the Boks’ decide to play is left up to the coaching staff. But what interested me was that when it came to the business end of the Rugby World Cup, all teams essentially took the same approach.

Your Question: Dear Mr. Roux, all the best for the decisions you and the team need to make! What do you look for most in a Springbok coach? Do you plan on giving the next coach a four year contract? With thanks, Jacques

Answer: Dear Jacques, the duration of the contract will be determined by the Executive Council as we review our options but in terms of the criteria there will be obvious requirements such as high-level coaching experience; proven track record as a head coach; ability to withstand pressure; strong presentation skills; excellent man management abilities and familiarity with the game at the highest level.


Answer: Hi Graham, We have made our views known through the appropriate channels as part of the review process and it is up to the IRB to manage international referees as they see fit.

Your Question: Good day Sir. My question to you: What is SARU going to do in order to protect our rugby teams and ultimately the game of rugby against refs like Bryce Lawrence? – James

Answer: Dear James, as I said to Graham, we made our views known very firmly. But I’d just like to add a point in general about refereeing: it is a critical role in any rugby game and in South Africa we are fortunate to have some outstanding officials – but we need more all the time.

Therefore I’d be delighted to hear from any Bokzine readers who would like to take up the whistle – South African officials have refereed all three RWC finals for which they have been eligible, so you’ll get a good training with us.

Your Question: Referees need more coaching and training to control games. Now the springbok supporters know how W.P. supporters feel for not winning the currie cup for 11 years because of biased refering.What is SANZAR and the SA Rugby going to do about biased or bad refering? This can be seen as match fixing as well. - Nestor Manasse

Answer: Dear Nestor, I don’t believe any referee sets out to be bad or biased – and if they did they would not be refereeing at the highest level. However they do make mistakes – as they will concede – but we should also be wise enough to concede that when we win games we rarely complain about the referee, while the losers may be furious.

Your Question: Hi Jurie, Why is it that every single time South Africa gets hard done by a referee SA Rugby cant do anything about it! Espescially if it happens for everybody to see!! It seems as if SARU just roll over too easily. In Bryce Lawrence's case it is not good enough that the matter gets dealt with behind closed doors- THE PUBLIC DESERVES TO KNOW OF THE OUTCOME!! - Marius Pedro

Answer: Dear Marius, it is the responsibility of the IRB how they wish to publicise their performance reviews at all. Where we control officials we have on occasion removed referees from matches when it is felt they have under-performed and that decision has been made public.

Your Question: Hi Mr Roux, I initially thought the major reason we lost our 1/4 final game was our forward pass & on field tactical blunders(1st penalty not kicked at posts & not drop kicking while in conrol of the ball for a long time in their 25).When I later watched a re-run the real reason became clear:ongoing horror show Bryce Lawrence("match fixing":T Noakes).What has SA Rugby done about this? - Pieter Oosthuizen

Answer: Dear Pieter, please see my answer to Graham above.

Your Question: Who is going to be the next Springbok coach and if you can't tel me when and were will the announcement be thank. Biggest Springbok supporter, Andre Pretorius

Answer: Dear Andre, we will be advertising the position in due course but an announcement will depend on the availability and any subsequent negotiations with whoever is identified as the preferred candidate.

Your Question: Is SARU going to take the matter up on how to rid the cancer of referees determining match outcomes. See my sugestion posted. - Barry Beckermann

Answer: Dear Barry, we are constantly vigilant on these matters but in terms of “referees determining match outcomes” that is an issue that the global rugby community wrestles with. The Experimental Law Variations were introduced in the express hope that referees would be taken out of the equation – but it is an on-going issue.

Your Question: Who is going to be our next Springbok captain? - Michelle Jooste

Answer: Dear Michelle, that decision will be taken by the coach and selectors.

Your Question: Hi Jurie,What process will be followed in appointing a new Springbok coach and support staff and when will the new coaching staff be announced?I sincerely hope that a thorough recruitment process will be followed and that the absolute best people are appointed to coach the Boks. Thank you for your time. Regards, Greg

Answer: Dear Greg, see my answer to Andre above. The naming of support staff will follow in due course on the appointment of the coach.

Your Question: Hello Jurie My question is do you not think thats it is time to take the SPRINGBOK LOGO GOBAL, WE have been hampered long enough by the IRB & SANZAR who mostly only serve themselves to their own ends, Lets market the BOK LOGO National Team that flies Global promoting BOK RUGBY CEO of a MULTI GLOBAL PACKAGE. - Paul Collins

Answer: Dear Paul, I believe that the Springbok is a well-recognised global icon but if you mean in terms of commercialising the “brand”, that’s obviously something we are very mindful of.

Your Question: Following our exit out the rwc in nz, how as a organisation will you look to rectify and improve the boks again ss a unit? Being at 2 of the games the boys didnt aknowledge any supporters post match either (north harbour) could downfall have been the fact that our team was carrying a bit to much confidence, otherwise The message we got was that the players had no time for their people. – Brendan

Answer: Dear Brendan, I’m sorry to hear you say that – and also surprised. I spent some time with the team and they completed three signing sessions in Wellington and one in Taupo – where we were based for training – taking a considerable amount of time to sign autographs and pose for pictures with supporters. In fact their approachability and conduct was favourably remarked on wherever I went with them.

Your Question: Will the appointment of next Springbok coach take into account purely rugby reasons? Or like previous appointments will "rugby reasons" not play a central role in the appointment of the most important rugby job in Africa? - Mathew O'Neil

Answer: Dear Mathew, the Springboks are the prime concern of SARU and doing what is right for them will be the principle factor. They need an outstanding rugby leader, who can handle the many challenges of the job.

Your Question: With the recent appalling refereeing there has been an outcry from the general public that it is now time for something to be done. Will SA Rugby be analyzing the issues at hand and submitting a formal request to the IRB to investigate / inspect / study the ongoing problem. We all know it exists , there is no consistency and it needs to be sorted out. What are you going to do about it ? - Shaun Leonard

Answer: Dear Shaun, I hope my answers to previous questions have gone some way to answering yours.

Your Question: Met die wereldbeker klaar, en die verkiesing van nuwe afrigters, bestuurspanne, gaan ons werklik die beste afrigter kies as dit dalk n blanke persoon is, of sal dit n rassekwesie wees? Ek sien dak Chillyboy soos ge se word"ge groom"word om Springbok kaptein te word. Indien so, is dit absoluut rasisties. Kan ras nou asb verdwyb en ons as volk net die beste wil he, al is almal wit. - Louis Nortje

Answer: Hi Louis, ons sal die beste mense aanstel en die Springbokke se belange eerste stel.

Louis asked if race will be an issue when the next coach is appointed and Jurie answered that the best people in the best interests of the Springbok team will be appointed.

Your Question: Hi Jurie. There is a perception amongst many die-hard Bok supporters both in SA and the diaspora that the leadership of SA rugby is weak and has a "ja-baas" attitude of subservience to the dictates of sponsors & ANC . Yes I am referring amongst other things, to the ABSA sms debacle and the ABSA CEO saying blatantly that they pay the money they will call the shots and kow - towing to the IRB in moving the Bok to the sleeve. Do you agree with this assessment and are there moves afoot to stop outside agendas and influences, especially politics in our rugby??? - Dieter Becker

Answer: Dear Dieter, you are entirely wrong. My predecessor as CEO had written to provinces on the same subject two weeks before Absa raised their concerns with us, and without ever saying that they “called the shots”. On the logo we had a choice – we either removed the national flag to place the Bok on the sleeve or we did not compete at the tournament. We took the view that appearing at the tournament – and every subsequent Rugby World Cup – was more important to our game than not attending. You may disagree, however.

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